Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Tortilla Chips,

August 2017 Emily User Reviews

Total Score: 8.0

Quality Score: 6

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 10

Price at the time of review was $36.64. This Food Should Taste Good is truly an awesome product. 5.

5 ounce bag; these chips are good from the inside out; they are all-natural with no genetically modified ingredients or anything artificial; good source of dietary fiber; no cholesterol as well as no trans fat. 5 oz.

Great quality. The best value. Food should taste good jalapeno tortilla chips. It's worth considering.

5. Gluten free; all natural; 5. 5. It is definately worth the price. Most customers who purchased this item thought: "Very well built and seems to work great."

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Additional Product Information

Sale Price: $36.64


Manufacturer: Food Should Taste Good

Brand: Food Should Taste Good

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Grocery

Product Group: Grocery


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